Millennials Video – CommunityAmerica Credit Union

This video animation was created for CommumunityAmerica Credit Union.

Scientifically Engineered Sneakers Print Campaign – CrossTrekker

This is a spec project on CrossTrekker. These ads have never run on the market.

Hammer – Rogers Video

This is a 30 second TV spot for Rogers Video.

Profit Payout TV – CommunityAmerica Credit Union

As a not-for-profit credit union, CommunityAmerica shares their profit to those who bank with them.…

Life Cycle of an Aphid – Dibrom® 8

Attention Cotton Growers, the quick knockdown of aphids, bugs, and other pests is essential. So…

“How much information are you flying with?” Print Campaign – Jeppesen

This is an actual project for Jeppesen Flight Navigational System. However, these ads have never…

Deep Cut – Wustof Knife

This is a spec project on Wustof Knife. These ads have never run on the market

The Celts will rise again – Boston Celtics

This is a spec project on Boston Celtics. These ads have never run in the…

Interactive Gift Card Demo – London Drugs

This project is an interactive gift card demo for London Drugs Birthday Card using Layar…

New Vehicle Replacement Insurance Plus Print and Direct Mail – ICBC

With New Vehicle Replacement Plus, ICBC will replace your vehicle if repair costs are more…