Profit Payout TV – CommunityAmerica Credit Union

As a not-for-profit credit union, CommunityAmerica shares their profit to those who bank with them. In 2015 and 2016, the Profit Payout program returned over $6 and $7 million respectively.

PROBLEM: The lack of awareness of the Profit Payout program among the target audiences even though it is a such a substantial benefit. No competitors in the market can match the offer.

SOLUTION: The first Profit Payout integrated campaign was created to increase awareness. We made sure to keep the message honest, simple and let this unique benefit speaks for itself.

RESULT: The campaign was highly successful. CommunityAmerica gained many more customers and was able to share over $8 million profit in 2017. The market research showed that Profit Payout TV spot is not only far exceeded the financial industry benchmark but also received one of the highest scores across all the product categories. The same concept has still been continued in their updated campaign in 2017, and possibly for many more years to come.

This tv spot is a part of the Profit Payout campaign. Click here to view the integrated campaign page>