Alio™ Typeface Design – R9 Type+Design

Alio. Let Your Creativity Flow.

Inspired by sleek sans serifs and flowing cursives, Alio™ features the best of both worlds. The hybrid modular design gives you tons of alternates and options to play. Just let your creativity flow and enjoy creating a broad range of styles from minimalistic modern to decorative flourish.

Alio Pro comes loaded with extensive ligatures and alternates. When combined with Alio Decor, you can let your creativity flow to the max. Together, you can create stunning flourish designs and unique type treatment to your projects. The Pro also supports most Latin-based languages. Heck, it even covers Chinese PinYin. Perfect for the logo, branding, poster, book cover, store sign, and packaging. [6 weights/12 font styles. 700+ glyphs each.] See the complete glyphs here>

Alio Decor is more than just an Alio Pro’s sidekick. You can enjoy creating flourish designs exclusively with Alio Decor. [6 weights/12 font styles, 300+ glyphs each]. See a flourish design example here>

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