Scientifically Engineered Sneakers Print Campaign – CrossTrekker

This is a spec project on CrossTrekker. These ads have never run on the market.

Deep Cut – Wustof Knife

This is a spec project on Wustof Knife. These ads have never run on the market

The Celts will rise again – Boston Celtics

This is a spec project on Boston Celtics. These ads have never run in the…

Interactive Gift Card Demo – London Drugs

This project is an interactive gift card demo for London Drugs Birthday Card using Layar…

Office Space Experiential Design+Branding – Wasserman+Partners

This branding project for Wasserman+Partners encompasses office space experiential, brand identity and signage design

Make a Difference Wall Design – WorkSafeBC

This is a part of the experiential design project for WorkSafeBC.

Battery-Pack Packaging Design – Connect Hearing

Connect Hearing goal is to enable better hearing for those who suffer from hearing loss. It…

New Vehicle Replacement Insurance Plus Print and Direct Mail – ICBC

With New Vehicle Replacement Plus, ICBC will replace your vehicle if repair costs are more…

Integrated Campaign – CommunityAmerica Make Today Wealthy

To stand apart from the larger competition that outspends them 10:1, CommunityAmerica Credit Union decided…

Cubio™ Mono Promotional Materials – R9 Type+Design

Cubio™ Mono is a new monospace geometric sans serif inspired by the hexagonal silhouette of…