Integrated Campaign – CommunityAmerica Make Today Wealthy

To stand apart from the larger competition that outspends them 10:1, CommunityAmerica Credit Union decided to change how the audiences think about wealth and encourage them to, first, embrace what fills their life with meaning. It’s a poignant point of view in the face of today’s financial uncertainty. A call to not focus on the accumulation of things, but on things of deeper significance like friends and family. From a community credit union steeped in the importance of financial peace of mind, this campaign is a reminder to take a moment and realize what really makes us wealthy.

The new creative shift was phenomenally successful. The profit payout campaign was very well received by the target audiences. The television spot received one of the highest scores across all the product categories.

The Make Today Wealthy has also gained a great result. The campaign has achieved its best single year performance in the company history. As a result, CommunityAmerica campaign was shortlisted at the North America Effie Awards for its effectiveness.

“Not only did we surpass our new membership goals in 2015 but we also caught the attention of a younger demographic who, up until this point, had not considered banking with us.” Matt Johnson, VP marketing at CommunityAmerica

This project is a part of the CommunityAmerica Make Today Wealthy Integrated campaign. Below are the links to the rest of the components:

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