Aging TV Spot – Canadian Direct Insurance

In British Columbia, Canada, car insurance is a Government-owned monopoly, at least the liability portion. Other types of insurance – collision, theft, etc. – are still serviced by private sector companies like Canadian Direct. A lot of Canadian Direct’s customers are people who resent having to deal with a monopoly and all of the inefficiencies, poor service & headaches that go along with it. However, many them are still unaware that they even have an option, One that offers faster claim resolution, better overall service, as well as premiums that are usually around 20% lower than their monopoly competitors. The End of Insurance as We Know It campaign pokes fun at the bureaucratic competitor of Canadian Direct Insurance and gives the audiences a better alternative for their car insurance.

This is 1 of 2 TV spot in the campaign. To view the second spot, click here>

This campaign was featured in Marketing Magazine and the Outstanding New Campaign section on Strategy magazine. The campaign was also named “2014 Consumer Choice Award Winner,” in the Home and Auto insurance category.

Canadian Direct Insurance