Logo Design Compilation – Various Clients

Lincoln’s Children Zoo is built on the concept “Learn Firsthand.” It is home to over 350 animals, more than 40 of which are endangered. Over 225,000 people attend the Zoo each year, making it the third most attended arts and science attraction in Nebraska.

Vancity logo is a part of an extensive Vancity rebranding project. For more work samples from this project, check out Vancity Branch Experiential Design> and  Vancity Integrated campaign>

32 Degrees is a think tank that is passionate about collaborating with like-minded individuals who are committed to finding a solution to a problem that we don’t think about ice and water, and the image they do to our planet: the making of ice and bottled water, the use and the wastage of ice and water – economically, financially and environmentally.

The Vancity “65” graphic is made up of smaller images – many of which depict West Coast lifestyles and values. These smaller images work together to form something greater.

212 Brooksbank is an industrial real estate project located in North Vancouver, BC.

Lansdowne Village is Kamloops’ downtown core shopping destination, with over 29 stores and services.

MDCA is an association for the Media Directors and Communicators.

Various Clients