Sustainable Wood Print Campaign – Forestry Innovation

PROBLEM: During the peak of the green hype in 2010, Forestry innovation has to convince the building industry that wood products can be sustainable and viable for the construction, architectural and design materials. The key is to use the BC wood products which are from the regenerating harvested area and highly scrutinized under tough regulations. To put it simply, going green doesn’t mean you cannot use wood in your projects. Just make sure you use British Columbia’s sustainable wood products.

SOLUTION: We featured beautiful shots of several BC wood products (ranged from wood to paper) which formed the images of trees in either positive or negative space. This help links BC wood products to their sustainable background.

RESULT: The campaign was very successful and was also praised throughout the industry. Our client was extremely pleased and decided to extend the campaign run for the second consecutive years. The print campaign was also won an Architectural Record’s Annual Advertising Excellence Award.

Forestry Innovation